Staff & Community

People play the central role in Ports of Call Bistro. This of course includes our Staff, but our “Team” has grown to include many members of the community who have formed strong bonds with us as we share in the celebration of global food and culture. The photos below capture our “People” in some key moments: (Note: Photos are Pre-Covid-19)
prepping global flare
Prepping one of Our Famous Wine Dinners with a Global Flare
Mike’s his own words: “ I began my cooking career at the young age of 11, it drew me in almost immediately. All the different techniques and different styles appealed to me in a way that I cannot describe. I was fascinated. I did my best to learn as much as I could while working under some great Chefs in the local industry. I often find myself trying to better myself each day by researching and testing various cuisines across the world. Trying to find the perfect umami flavors! “

Mike Kruse III is our Executive Chef


David Samson, our Wine Specialist and Waiter


”Big Mike”

Silent and wise, is key to our Daytime Menus, Lunch and Brunch. He makes a high quality product every day, and has invented the “Big Mike” Sandwich, which is highly popular.
daddy kruse

Mike Kruse II

Mike assists with Deliveries and Dish, and Sanitizing Procedures
ladies at home

Carol Prince

Ladies: At Home Here Anytime with Bar and FOH Manager, Carol Prince

Jake and Ray, Owners, Opening Night, June 2011

Bistro as a Jewel of the Rainy Night!
bycicle team

A Bicyclist Group After their tour, enjoying a follow-up lunch

Charlotte Jazz Trio
jazz trio

Charlotte Jazz Trio led by Native Son Jake Beamer

Lisa Rankin
Lisa Rankin is our current lead musician through the Winter and Spring. She performs currently every Wednesday at Dinner, and alternate Sunday with 'Jazzy Brunches'.
galen guitarist
Friends and Musical Performers
Jamie and Dean Carbone
Often play on Special Occasions at our restaurant
Jazz Trio
sax trio
Charlotte Jazz Trio led by Native Son Jake Beamer
Happy Birthday
neighbor 93
A Dear Neighbor and Friend Celebrates her 93rd Year Young!
Good Friends
good friends
Once Natives of Southport: Karen of Michigan, Lynn of NC and Sally of California Strike a Pose
Jake Beamer

Festive Holiday Celebrations

Cleaning and Organizing for Another Day
Jared sets the Stage. He is our Scientist in Residence, Solver of Problems, Handyman, Busser, and is dedicated to keep you safely distanced, Masked, and Keeping you Whole in a Pandemic!
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