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Our Menus are changed seasonally, and the names of major menu items are linked to a major 'Port of Call' with which they have an historical or other association. Each menu item is meticulously prepared by our professionally trained culinary team. All food items are cooked to order and hand-crafted, and our menus are inspired by fresh, locally available product whenever possible, with an aim of delighting your taste buds with local and global recipes, from the likes of Varnamtown to Valencia, Trieste to Napoli, Mumbai to Yokohama and beyond.
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(Varies Daily – Available for Dine-in Only or Call for
Fried Green Tomatoes, topped with bacon bits
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Fried Green Tomatoes topped with Pimento Cheese.
Our Famous Lightly Fried Oysters
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Our Famous Lightly Fried Oysters.