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Jacob Pfohl
Founder & Owner

Ray Acayan
Co-Founder & Owner

Rob Hart
Executive Chef

Olivia Furnier
Front of House Service Manager

Scott Lindsey
Bar Manager & Mixologist

Our Story

The story of Ports of Call Bistro began with the buildout of the former State Maritime Museum, which had moved to its new permanent home.

The buildout process took approximately three months, culminating in a ribbon-cutting ceremony held with local leaders, friends, and family in late June of 2011, as depicted here.

All work was accomplished with the help of local contractors, along with our key staff, friends, and family contributing significantly to the project’s success.

Grand Opening

The Vision

The challenge was to transform a grey, rectangular wallboard into a welcoming dining area that evokes the warmth and charm of faraway places. With elements drawn from a Spanish Villa, a Moroccan bazaar, and an Indian temple, the space is adorned with elegant chandeliers. Warm and textured lighting in hues of yellow, brown, and red further enhances the experience, cascading across the walls and highlighting Moorish-style arches.

This dining area is not just a space—it’s a journey. It is designed to welcome you home while simultaneously transporting you to the enticing, far-off corners of life and culture.

Ray and Jake

Owners, Jake and Ray, waiting to greet guests on Opening Night, June 29, 2011.  The first step on a long journey began.

Ports of Call warmly welcomes friends, family, and strangers alike, whose paths lead them to our door. We delight in celebrating the unique days and seasons of our lives, as well as those from every corner of the world.

Central to our mission is not just providing a fine dining experience complemented by exceptional beverages. We are passionate about fostering a spirit of friendship and unity. We celebrate the vibrant tapestry of cultures that make up our local community and extend across our planet. Our aim is to bring people together, enriching their lives with flavors and traditions from around the globe.”

Ray and Jake show off their People's Choice Best Bistro Award

Ray and Jake show off their People’s Choice Best Bistro Award